YouTube’s AI addition to Ad Campaigns: 3 Amazing Facts

YouTube's AI addition to Ad Campaigns

YouTube’s AI addition to ad campaigns was announced at the company’s Brandcast event. It was said that this AI-powered tool will assist brands in reaching the right audiences and improving the effectiveness of their campaigns on the platform. YouTube will optimize its advertisement campaigns with Google AI. This AI tool has been specifically designed to […]

Amazon’s AI Tool  ‘Q’ 

Amazon Q - AT tool from Amazon

Amazon’s ‘Q’ Redefines Business Operations In a recent announcement, Amazon has taken a step forward in the web services and have unveiled Amazon Q. This is an innovative generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant curated specifically for workplace environments. Amazon’s AI tool promises to transform the way businesses operate by offering solutions that are customizable as […]

Apple to broadcast FIFA (Club) World Cup 2025

FIFA (Club) World Cup on Apple TV+

Tech Giant Apple and FIFA are set to join hands for the 2024 Football World Cup broadcasting Apple is all lined up to close the deal with FIFA authorities to acquire the worldwide broadcasting rights for the tournament as reported by New York Times. The value of the deal is expected to be close to […]

Lenevo Unveils the World’s First Laptop With a Transparent Screen

Lenevo laptop with transparent screen

Pushing boundaries with a forward-thinking proof of concept Lenovo has shown off a cool idea called the ThinkBook. It’s like a laptop, but it has a large see-through 17-inch transparent display, utilizing a transparent panel   and a touch keyboard that can also be used for drawing. This idea is part of Lenovo’s new stuff they […]