FIFA (Club) World Cup on Apple TV+

Apple to broadcast FIFA (Club) World Cup 2025

Posted on : April 25, 2024

Tech Giant Apple and FIFA are set to join hands for the 2024 Football World Cup broadcasting

Apple is all lined up to close the deal with FIFA authorities to acquire the worldwide broadcasting rights for the tournament as reported by New York Times. The value of the deal is expected to be close to $ 1 billion. This is just 25% of what FIFA had originally estimated.

A worldwide broadcasting deal with a big company like Apple could make the tournament, which happens every four years, seem good. That’s what Infantino, the FIFA President, has been aiming for. Tom Neumayr, a representative from Apple, chose not to provide a comment. FIFA stated in a release that they typically neither confirm nor deny talks about business matters.

This agreement (if finalized)  would establish Apple TV+ as a significant contender in the world of sports entertainment. Apple’s aim behind pitching this deal is to establish a strong footprint in the sports world. Especially considering its recent venture into Major League Soccer. It signifies a strategic move by Apple to expand its presence in the sports broadcasting industry, potentially paving the way for further partnerships and investments in the field.

Despite the uncertainties, Apple’s venture into soccer broadcasting is not entirely uncharted territory. The company made headlines in 2022. It announced a groundbreaking 10-year, $2.5 billion contract with soccer icon Lionel Messi, following his high-profile signing. This prior involvement hints at Apple’s interest and investment in the sport, albeit on a different scale.

FIFA’s new prime club championship, ‘Mundial de Clubes FIFA™’, is all set to debut on the world stage in June and July 2025. The tournament will feature 32 premier teams from around the globe. These teams will compete in the United States for its inaugural edition.

There were a few unsuccessful attempts before this, to organize a competition that FIFA President Gianni Infantino supported. They wanted to hold it in China in 2021, but because of the pandemic, plans got postponed.

Apple’s Entry into FIFA (club) World Cup Broadcasting May Face Some Roadblocks

Though Apple has thrown its hat into the ring for the broadcasting rights of the FIFA World Cup, the lack of fanfare surrounding the announcement suggests that the deal might not reach the lofty heights initially anticipated.

As negotiations between Apple and FIFA progress, the global soccer community eagerly awaits further details regarding the broadcasting rights and accessibility of the upcoming World Cup.

What are broadcasting rights?

Sports companies make a lot of their money by selling rights to show games on TV or online (broadcasting via the internet).

Broadcasting rights are like permission slips for TV channels or streaming platforms to show certain events, like sports games or TV shows. Just like how you need permission to show a movie at your school, these channels need permission to broadcast these events to their viewers. They pay a fee to the people who own the event or the content. This fee is for the rights to broadcast it. This helps the owners make money and ensures that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows or sports games on their favorite channels.

Nowadays, sports make more money from selling the rights to broadcast the games on TV or online than they do from selling tickets. For example, Real Madrid C.F., one of Spain’s top soccer teams, has noticed this change. They’ve seen less money coming in from ticket sales. Sponsorships and TV rights have yielded more revenue. In the 2011/2012 season alone, the club made over 512 million euros (about $664 million) just from selling TV rights.

So, let us stay tuned for the updates and announcements from either FIFA or Apple. 

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