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Posted on : June 3, 2024

Jasper AI is taking the internet by storm in no time. It is a writing tool based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine Learning (ML). This tool produces superior quality content based on some simple inputs taken from the user. Jasper AI is a power-packed tool that generates original text for blog posts, social media posts, product description and many more. How is this possible? The answer is it (Jasper AI) has read over a million articles and posts. Jasper AI likes to call it ‘AI Assisted Content.’

Imagine having a secret weapon for writing a compelling blog. Jasper AI is developed to do just that. This writing assistant built on a massive internet content. It uses machine learning in such a way that it learns from a specific language and pattern every time the it receives an input.

Jasper is based on Natural Language Programming (NLP) – a machine learning technology to decipher user instructions and generate appropriate content. This, coupled with its huge training data, makes Jasper a valuable asset for individuals and businesses globally.

Here is how you setup Jasper AI and start using it:

1. Setting up Jasper brand voice

when you start using a new phone out of the box you do customize it by

personalize it. Jasper’s brand voice Suite is just like that. it’s a one time setup that you need to do.

Jasper will write personalized  content that sounds well welcoming, passionate and professional.

2. Using Templates

Jasper “Templates” is a special tool.  This allows you to choose from more than 70 pre-made options to write different kinds of content. These dynamic templates with Smart Suggestions maintain your content quality and decrease the workload required to get the first draft completed.

3. In document prompting 

Jasper helps you to build drafts  with fresh and creative suggestions. You can do this by  ‘Inline Prompting’ or Ask Jasper. This feature gives you the ability to add new information. ‘Ask Jasper’ on the other hand,  allows expanding existing content.

 4. Repurposing 

Jasper Chat is another feature of this AI tool that assists you to transform existing content into YouTube video scripts to drive traffic. All you need to do is suggest a brief overview of your content to the tool and then Jasper Chat efficiently creates an engaging video script.

Jasper AI SEO:

When it comes to SEO, Jasper AI helps you with meta descriptions and title tags. 

Here are the top 3 ways by which Jasper boosts your search ranking: 

Relevant keywords

Jasper helps in identifying the keywords that are relevant with search queries. These queries could be voice searches, question forms or long-tailed queries.

Compelling and attention grabbing headlines 

Jasper generates clear and concise headlines that are attention-grabbing and intriguing for the posts you wish to share with the world. 

Consistency in content generation

The content generated by this tool maintains a consistent tone throughout the text and is in line with the information you have fed in while initial setup.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI costs a little more than some other AI writing tools, but that’s for a reason.

It is a top-of-the-line tool that offers a lot of basic and premium features. While there are cheaper options available in the market, if you’re serious about creating high-quality & quality content, then Jasper AI might be worth the price.

Monthly $49/ Yearly $39 Monthly $69/ Yearly $59Custom pricing
1 user seatIncludes 1 seat, add up to 5Team Spaces & document collaboration
1 Brand Voice3 Brand VoicesPerformance Analytics & Insights
Access to SEO mode10 Knowledge assetsCustom Style Guides with X-ray view
Use AI everywhere with browser extension3 Instant CampaignsEnterprise-grade security & governance
Advanced admin panel with permissions
Collaboration & user managementCustom workflows and templates*
Access to Jasper ArtAPI access*
Dedicated account management team with premium support
Source: https://www.jasper.ai/pricing

Jasper AI Reviews

Curious about Jasper AI? Let us check out what the web is saying about it!

  • As per techopedia.com It is the most comprehensive, end-to-end AI marketing tool. 
  • According to Trustpilot (website) Jasper AI has got 4.5 stars out of 5 with 4,147 reviews.
  • Capterra.com has given a rating for 4.8 and has said this tool is easy to use and  customers feel it has value for money. 
  • Techreport.com has stated that Jasper AI can be a vital asset in the locker of any marketing professional, copywriter, or SEO team. With it, you can generate cutting-edge copy for various outputs in a matter of seconds, including blogs, social posts, and even product descriptions. 


While Jasper without doubt is a powerful Ai writing tool. However, it is important to remember that it’s still an assistant. The content it generates still needs editing, tweaking, and refining to ensure the content is  aligned to your brand voice. The content should resonate with your target audience, and should maintain the quality the customers expect.

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